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But I have no doubt the exchanges were as anodyne as when MPs usually communicate with school kids who contact them. Incessant anti union anti Labour rants, cute videos and a few pictures. And the last comment made about Bishop was to deride him for teaming up with Team English during the attempted coup in 2016. The National Party caucus is not a happy place right now. When commenting please avoid suggestions that Chris Bishop’s actions are anything other than how he has described them.This is a hit job, presumably by people associated with Bill English against one of the new MPs seeking generational change. Many Kiwiblog commenters thought this was a hit job by Labour. There is absolutely no evidence that he has done anything but what he says he has done.

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And the weekend’s news about Chris Bishop’s use of snapchat with teenage girls appears to me to have come from within the party.

I should emphasise that there is no evidence of any inappropriate behaviour by Bishop.

11, 1947) There are times when what was said and done, is no longer appropriate as an unqualified direction for people and society.

Well I feel like that was a solid start to the year.

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