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His mother, who had gone looking for her missing child, found him. Abed, alerted by a neighbor, rushed to the scene -- and the gory sight. "As a father, there is no greater pain in the world than knowing that you could not protect your child." Okkhoy spent three months in a Dhaka hospital, where doctors stitched up his wounds."I barely recognized him; he was so stained with blood," she remembers. But they were unable to do much to repair the severed organ. It's not the most effective way to transport a dying child through the cramped, congested streets of the Bangladeshi capital. "If for nothing else, to exact justice." Click here to find out how you can help The two are on a rickshaw headed to a hospital in Dhaka. His hands press down on the boy's slashed-open stomach to keep the insides from spilling out. Hours earlier, four men had surrounded the 7-year-old boy, bound his hands and feet and cracked open his head with a brick.

"I saw the father standing there helplessly before the judge, and I kept thinking that there's a child who has been broken beyond repair," she recalls.For his safety, CNN has chosen to withhold the boy's real name. "As long as I'm here, the devil cannot get to you again." The attack took place in late 2010, just a few days before the Muslim festival of Eid.For his resiliency, we will call him "Okkhoy" -- the Bengali word for "unbreakable." 'Pure evil' It is now almost two years later. Three area kids lured Okkhoy out of his home with the promise of a popsicle.They held him down and took a switchblade to his throat.They sliced his chest and belly in an upside down cross.

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