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Remember our disclaimer: The materials and content within this podcast are intended as general information only, and are not to be considered a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. But that doesn’t actually make people look alike, we’re just perhaps dressed alike. Diane Sanfilippo: Chris Masterjohn; yeah, Chris Masterjohn who a lot of you know we interviewed a while ago; many moons ago about cholesterol.

Liz Wolfe: The Balanced Bites podcast is sponsored in part by the Nutritional Therapy Association.

But she just was having a blast looking through, and she had a fun time being a tourist in San Francisco, so that was really fun. So business updates, I want to let you guys know I’m doing Facebook live videos. Liz Wolfe: Diane Sanfilippo: Because scheduling us both is a massive challenge, but we’re dedicated so we find the time. But just stay tuned over on Facebook if you’re there; make sure you have a little; I don’t know, you get the notification when I’m on there. It will be a little bit repetitive for me, just because I actually in a past life; you always talk about your past lives, and what you used to do. I’m sure I will be a weepy mess leaving my little girl. I’ve got some support with my sister being there, so if I’m a mess, she can support me. Let’s see what else; so, ok I think we get to move back into our house soon, which is fantastic. Liz Wolfe: Yeah, you probably saw my Instagram Diane Sanfilippo: Liz Wolfe: Where someone in my household used dish soap instead of dish detergent in our brand new Bosch dishwasher, which was a huge splurge for us. And this is a particularly exciting one, is it not? I laugh, because I can picture Chris; who is just, he’s a very happy guy. Diane Sanfilippo: I mean, if you’re ever around him, he’s just kind of jovial. And when he’s recording his episode, he kind of laughs along the way. And as with many things, more is not necessarily better.

And if you want to ask questions, that’s a perfect place to do it. I know I’ve had a couple of people asking; if you’re on my email list, you’re not sure if you’re on the list or not, because sometimes people have opted in or asked for an e Book or my healthy shopping list. Liz Wolfe: So, a while back I talked about trying to go to Washington DC with Beauty Counter; and I’m going. In a past life, I was an intern in Washington DC for a political action committee, thinking I would go into politics. But I’ve lived there for a while and seen everything, but it will be really cool to see it from a different perspective, now that I’m older and wiser, and of course to see it with all of these really amazing, motivated, dedicated women that are working to change things in the cosmetics industry. This really quiet, self-drying, beautiful Bosch dishwasher; we were like, should we do it, or should we just put back in our current dishwasher that’s moldy and probably wouldn’t go for on Craigslist, or should we get a new one? I don’t know if he’s laughing at the findings in the data, or laughing at himself, or what he’s laughing at, but I definitely find myself laughing right along with him. There’s that U shaped curve where too little is bad, and too much is bad, too.

They’re bacon is insanely delicious, and sugar free, and their premade paleo meals make your life so much easier when everything is getting busy and getting real food on the table is still a top priority, as it should be. So, thanks for coming to Balanced; I guess I shouldn’t say thanks for coming to your website. Which we’ve grabbed a bunch of them for this episode, but in the future if you guys have a question, if you know that it’s Liz talking. So I’d be interested in much more information on hydration for sure. I feel like any time you throw out something that’s contrary to popular belief… And really, that’s because our foods are supposed to contain water for the most part.

Pete’s Paleo is now offering a 30-day gut healing kit containing bone broth, gelatin gummies, instant organic soup packs, and an E-cookbook. Balanced to just read it and make sure you’re typing it in right. Diane Sanfilippo: Liz Wolfe: But, thanks for going. Which generally if it’s about skin care, or pregnancy, most of those are Liz wheelhouse questions. She typically does have episodes up on the blog, as well, so you guys can ask the questions over there. We’ve got a bunch of follow-up questions, and just so you guys know we’re grabbing these from the blog primarily. Thanks for all you do ladies, and stay well.” I got a ton of people tweeting, Instagramming; “more about pee, Liz! Chicken contains a ton of water; veggies, fruits, a ton of water.

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