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Religion and Reddit don't mix well because 90% of the people replying are either not religious or extremely religious.The official Catholic website, which has the basic ideas of what Catholics believe, does say the Bible isn't mean to be taken extremely literally. You know how it says the universe was created in 7 days? Or how God created each animal, but he could have created them through evolution.I honestly hate clicking on stuff that has Christians/Catholics etc. There was an expectation that students be good to one another that was enforced by teachers who, mostly, had the students' the title because I know I'm just opening up a thread to people who will eventually just fight about everything and call you an idiot if you don't believe in the same stuff as them. Lots of my gut inclinations towards loyalty, kindness, and respect, I put down to my Catholic schooling, even if I lost the faith.It was quite an accepting place and a nice school to be in.

Most people are religious, and the US (where I live) is a majority Christian country.It generally is among Catholics, and that is the official stance of the Church.However, you do get some people who take it more literally, though this seems to be more common among Catholic homeschooling than private Catholic schools. The students were assholes, at least half of the teachers were somewhat assholish.Had a couple upper classmen decide one day that they were going to force me to accept the eucharist during one of the periodic masses we were required to attend..were a LOT larger than me at the time, so i just let them march my ass up into the line, and when we got to the priest i just said "i'm not catholic, but the two goons behind me decided i should be forced to accept the sacrament..." whoooo, were they fucked after that one.They carried a thermonuclear level of hatred for me after that, tried to kick the shit out of me multiple times..times!

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