Church of god dating an atheist

To add a touch of justification to this, let’s break it down.

We know the Bible is inaccurate, in fact the Bible is contradictory within its own pages.

After the suggestion in one of this site’s comments stating that it required more faith to be an atheist than a theist, because the non-existence of a deity can never be proven, I thought it would be fun to see if we can logically disprove the existence of “God”. For this to work, we have to agree on the following two statements, and accept that Christians believe them to the true: – These aren’t outrageous statements, and in fact, have been echoed on this very blog numerous times in the comments.

I picked the Christian God because I am more familiar with the Christian faith than any other, I’ve read the bible and have previously lived with devout Christians. The two statements above are clearly interdependent.

The very top estimate would be close to 10,000 years, but that’s a stretch.

Science has proven that the earth is closer to 4.5 billion years old.

In other words, we haven’t just tested this once in one situation, it’s been extensively tested. We, as human beings, were created 6500 years ago, according to the Bible, starting with Adam and then Eve.There is simply too much evidence available for our inspection. Everything other than Noah, his family (or part of his family) and the animals he chose to save would be killed.There are around 10 MILLION known species of animal on our planet.Seeing as we know the only source that defines the Christian God is inaccurate, and at least part of the definition is inaccurate (infallible), we can not trust the remainder of the definition.Therefore the definition of God in invalid and God does not exist.

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