Colin egglesfield dating jennifer love hewitt

Riley finds out her husband didn't cheat on her with the woman from his past, but learns something new about his addiction to painkillers.

Riley's work and family lives become too much to handle. Katie gets in trouble in school for swearing, after a boy teases about her father.

The series, however, is a re-imagining of the film and is not a direct continuation of the film's storyline.

The most notable change is that the husband of Hewitt's character abandons his family in the television series before she becomes involved in prostitution, whereas in the film he leaves with their children after the scandal is exposed.

Faced with a tough decision, she decides that in order to protect her family, she must do what she has to do.

Soon, Riley realizes that the job comes with many secrets and much danger; which is a risk she is going to have to take.

Upon being given the assignment Budde watched the original movie and felt that the story had ended and also that it was "super depressing" instead he decided to reimagine the show and pitched it that way to Lifetime who accepted.

But pressed to support her children, she relents and earns extra money through unspecified erotic services.As she deals with her children, her mother, her friends, the girls at the spa, and various men who want to romance her, Riley tries to keep her work in an erotic limbo a secret.The show is based around Lifetime's 2010 television film of the same name, with Jennifer Love Hewitt reprising the lead role.The first of these materials, released on January 26, 2012, featured Hewitt performing Shirley Bassey's "Big Spender" in a music video-style advert, in reference to the true nature of the work at the massage parlor.Riley Parks, a single mom from Texas, is left alone with her children after her husband Kyle abruptly leaves.

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