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As it reached the rapids, its hull was torn open and the schooner began filling with water.The two bears running loose on deck jumped free of the schooner into the rapids. The other animals were caged or tied to the ship died when the schooner went over the Horseshoe Falls.None have ever become rich and/or lastingly famous...If you weren't the very first, remarkably the members of the public didn't care beyond perhaps watching the event.Spectators came not watching for a successful conclusion but rather the deadly consequences of failure.Daredevils of today can't compare to those of forty years ago because of changing water conditions and technological innovations. This number has been fairly constant for the past century.

Now days, the art of being a daredevil has become so sophisticated that chances of survival are almost predictable.Should the animals be young and hardy and possessed of great muscular power and joining their fate with that of the vessel, remain on board until she reaches the water below, there is a great possibility that many of them will have performed the terrible jaunt, unhurt!" The only animals placed on board the doomed ship included a buffalo, two small bears, two raccoons, a dog and one goose.Daredevils can be best summarized as persons who wish to take conscious risks with their lives with the emphasis on survival.However, some risks are so great that the chances of survival based upon a balance of probabilities become so little that they become suicidal in nature.

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