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It was long distance, and I actually prefer that to have my own independence. He wouldn't talk that much through text or Skype and I couldn't get him to open up anymore. I could sense something bad was going to happen, so I had to put up my walls again. He told me the distance was too much and that he couldn't keep doing things the way we had.I also had overwhelmed him with possible plans for the future, but as an idealist, I want to think and dream and have these lofty goals, something not many people understand.He's always happy to listen to my crazy ideas and go along with them and I hope I make his life a bit more interesting (: I guess its true that neither of us are the practical ones.I'm a bit more practical because my istj mother and intj father forced me to be (no one else in my family is an e or an f).Both of you are going to have a lot of wonderful and crazy ideas, but you also need to be able to plausibly put those things into action or else they will remain pipe dreams and wistful 'what if's and things will get stagnant. I've found that they love in similar or compatible ways as I do, which being an expressive person, I really need someone who loves the way that I love in my life.It's also important that that task doesn't fall into the lap of one person over the other - organization, planning, and other minutiae don't come natural to either of you, so if the workload is uneven, the person carrying the heavier end of the burden is going to start to feel resentful. I've found that communication and balance is essential - no one else's experiences should serve as a basis for what yours will be like - and honestly I think asking for advice like this might not be to your benefit cause so far no one has really given advice but rather just foreboding anecdotes of their personal experiences.It's also a matter of maturity; those sort of things I mentioned above are stuff you learn over time as you're growing up on your own when interacting with the world at large, so I think the older the two of you are and the more life experience you have, the more likely it is that you both have smoothed out those personality wrinkles. Some of our biggest fights are about our kids and parenting. I am surrounded -I can't stress this enough- by hundreds of people and am daily crushed by loneliness. Oh yeah also I have had to be the responsible one in our relationship ie. I'm on time, I finish projects, and can say NO! As far as dating an INFP goes, you're going to have to know when to give them some space.

I think the relationship between two NFP personality types can be really beautiful if you're ok being the captain of communication and letting them be the lieutenant of love. When it was good, it was good, like /u/rygarths said. All through the relationship, he had been attentive and very caring. After he had met my family and we spent more time together, he started to shut me out.

But you have to get creative and think about what you want.

Want to live in a house but don't like cleaning?

Get a cleaner or share your place with an istj flatmate who can spot what needs to be done.

The best thing about an infp is they really really get you and take the time to listen. Just met a girl this weekend that i would bet money is enfp.

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