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Instead of jumping over obstacles or firing a gun, in Façade players fire off a variety of discourse acts, in natural language, such as praise, criticism, flirtation and provocation.

While these discourse acts will generate immediate reactions from the characters, it may take story-context-specific patterns of discourse acts to influence the social game score.

a decrease in the health of a monster), in our social games several levels of abstraction may separate atomic player interactions from changes in social score.Note that such stories can be as pleasurable as tightly-plotted ones, just in different ways.When designing an interactive story architecture and its content structures, the design choices made will influence the types of stories that can be built within it, and greatly affect the likelihood of ultimately creating pleasurable experiences for players.All of this discussion is guided by our primary design goal: to create an architecture for, and working example of, high agency, emotionally expressive interactive drama.Resolving Game Versus Story Today s most pleasurable high agency interactive experiences are games, because the mechanics of game agency are well understood and reasonably straightforward to implement.

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