Hermione malfoy dating

At the moment, I have more than thirty complete novel-length stories, many novella-length chaptered fics, a great many one-shots, and nine Wi Ps. And now he has, and he's an omega, and Draco is an alpha, and apparently everyone else knew about this all the time, and why does he have to deal with this? Most of them don't need to be read in any particular order; however, I do have some series. Now, they're not too busy in the middle of the celebration to think about how it happened, at Hogwarts, in their eighth year, when sharing a room shoved them together. Feel free to request more at be added to your gifts, shoot me a prompt, a ship, and a username. After Voldemort wins, the wizarding world realizes he's not quite the best choice for a leader and the community falls into chaos...economy crumbling, crime and violence.While they did make up after the war and were no longer enemies, Hermione and Draco tried to go their separate ways. One August night, fifteen years after the war, Draco and Hermione learned their lives would change. Hermione Granger is caught embezzling funds from Lucius Malfoy's accounts and thrown in jail.

Hermione is captured after Voldemort has taken over the Wizarding World. Although Hermione tries to defy Malfoy her resolve to resist him is slowly wearing down.After the war, the battle for the Ministry's soul is fought over at interminable committee meetings.A reformed Draco is there with a Muggle pen in his hand, fighting very hard to stay awake.When Draco leaves to fight in the War for Magical Revelation he is badly injured and blinded by an unknown curse, but is cared for day and night by a mysterious nurse who won’t speak to him but refuses to leave his side.What happens when the ancient curse is reversed and Draco discovers who has been caring for him all this time?

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