Josh hutcherson dating victoria justice

An adaptation of Stephen King’s horror novel about a 200 pound St. The once friendly animal terrorizes a mother & son who find themselves trapped in their broken down car. A British film about an English Sheepdog who manages to ingest a growth formula that makes him continue to grow.His owner realizes he has to do something before Digby grows to gargantuan proportions.Bingo escapes from the circus and is adopted by a little boy who isn’t allowed to have dogs.The family unknowingly leave Bingo behind when they move and he tracks his loving boy master across the nation.A family classic, this is the story of a cocker spaniel named Lady and a mutt named Tramp who find a unique love in one another.

A children’s classic that shot Benji to become a household name.In New Orleans in 1939 this is the adventure of a German Shepherd named Charlie and little orphan girl.Double crossed by his former partner Charlie must get his revenge on his nemesis while protecting his charge.A movie about a young boy named Josh who moves to a new city & is too shy to try out for the basketball team, until a runaway Golden Retriever shows him how it’s done.With the dogs help he makes the team & avoids those looking to cash in on Bud’s amazing game.

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