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So, it was a perfect time for Mom to come out with a camcorder to record the moment for posterity and then usher them into the den to watch Bell's old favorite show, . It's about understanding the other person's wants and needs.

Shepard eventually excused himself and left for his dad's house after a few episodes."We took a break, but we continued dating, Jimmy, and that's the moral of this story," Bell said sweetly. We weren't listening to each other back then, but now we listen."And they've been through plenty of trying experiences over the years—such as when an apparently unstable character standing in the middle of the street threw his Big Gulp at Dax's windshield when they were driving on Sunset Boulevard one day, and things devolved to the point where they were scuffling on the side of the road and Shepard kicked the guy in the head."It's all in defense of someone else, so it's difficult for me to talk about because I don't condone any of it," Bell told Rosenbaum, "but then when I see his reasons it's like, I guess you do need people to fight for the underdog." The man tried to sue Shepard for assault and battery but Dax said he'd report the guy to the police, as throwing a solid object at a moving vehicle could result in a felony charge. "Thinking about my boyfriend beating a bully up, yes, I'll say that's slightly sexual," Bell said.

So he agreed to wear one on the highway but then purposely took surface streets, then it started raining, she got so mad she refused to even hold onto him and gripped the back of the bike instead...

By the time they got to Bell's mother's house, the first time Shepard was meeting her, they were on the verge of breaking up.

Separately, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard seem like a couple of cool people, the type of celebrities you would totally want to hang out with, should that opportunity somehow arise. broke up (as well as the one time they did), and also about all the work that goes into keeping their marriage healthy, lest anyone think that their now 11-year relationship runs on wisecracks alone. with the couple, is the one who introduced Bell and Shepard.

"He got in the car, I didn't say a thing, because he . Bell didn't say a word, but two minutes into the meal she went to the kitchen to get him a bag of ice, which she quietly placed on his knee under the table."I wasn't going to get anywhere with words, so I knew I needed an action," Bell said."And the ice action said 'I will take care of you, always,' but don't you ever f--king beat anyone up in front of me, or not in front of me, again. (Though he did kinda want to beat up their neighbor when they first moved into their current house, Bell confirmed, but they didn't get past a verbal altercation.) That being said, he doesn't fight with everyone, Bell insisted.Rather, "he has stimulating arguments, a lot."They first got engaged in 2009, but soon after announced their intent to marry only after same-sex marriage was legal in the U. Proposition 8, rescinding the right in California, had just passed in 2008, angering many, and Shepard noted that they had many gay friends and "it would not be nice to dunk on our friends.""We're not going to have a party when half of our friends…can't do that thing we're doing," Bell also told CNN. Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act as unconstitutional, paving the way for legal same-sex marriage in all 50 states—and Bell re-proposed that day.that "it was a disaster right out of the gate"—apparently in part because Bell had been looking forward to going to the crafts store that day and was impatient with him.(She loves doing crafts with the kids.)Listening to it later, "I thought I was a little controlling, but it was vomitous how controlling I was," Shepard said.

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