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According to these criteria, a Kindle with the wireless off is no different from a laptop or phone in airplane mode and should therefore be treated the same.

In my personal experience flying, many flight attendants now add the phrase "and that means Kindles too" when they tell us to turn off and stow our devices.

Technically they could claim the Kindle on when you flip a page.It's not as if you're going to sit on the same page throughout the takeoff/landing procedure, so the device could be considered to be 'in operation'.As long as the wireless functions are turned off, it shouldn't be a problem to use it once the flight captain announces use of electronic devices is allowed, otherwise, just like anything else, your Kindle has to be stowed away.Airlines don't let you use electronic devices when the plane is taking off/landing.Let's suppose I have a Kindle 3, and I have turned off wireless (i.e. Since you don't need power or the battery to read what's on the screen (the magic of e Ink displays), it's technically 'off' when I'm reading it, right? Have any national aviation authorities passed judgement on this?

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