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I stared at it, wondering if it sounded dumb, analyzing every punctuation. Holly and I stayed up for hours on end, sharing stories, telling jokes, laughing at one another and allowing ourselves to open up.The day I met Holly, sitting in a park on a Friday afternoon, coffee in hand, looking into the eyes of the most beautiful woman I had ever seen--I believed in every single cliché about love.Meghan is another future sister in law and the most adorable human being I have ever met.When Michael and I were first getting to know each other, he told me that when I met Meghan, it would be like hanging out with the perfect girlfriend. Meghan and I get along like we were meant to be sisters and gosh am I blessed.She is currently pursuing her masters degree at the University of Washington for Speech and Hearing Sciences.Megan always knows exactly how to make me feel better.judges at the Royal Variety Performance went a bit too far for some viewers.The jolly atmosphere surrounding the annual festive TV special was somewhat dampened by a comedy sketch meant to celebrate a decade of "Although Simon had no talent of his own, he liked to judge others," David joked.

I think that is what makes our relationship so special."Because he couldn't judge this show all by himself, he had to care what other people thought too.He tried a succession of judges."At this point, a handful of smiling kids strutted across the stage dressed as former @Amanda Holden @davidwalliams Cheeky David! She's the one I call when I want to complain, cry, or laugh. Micayla has a fun attitude where her quirky sense of humor makes you laugh.She certainly knows how to make me laugh till I can't breathe. She's so driven and has accomplished so much- it makes me so proud to get to have another sister.

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