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About Millionaire Dating Millionaire Dating Websites was established to help users find the best possible millionaire dating site for their needs.The website provides in-depth reviews on the different millionaire dating sites available, allowing users to make sure which site will help them find their perfect millionaire mate.Founded by Patti Stanger in 2000, the website has been offering professional matchmaking services for millionaires.Besides helping them to find their soul mate, the site allows millionaires to become more attractive to quickly get the partners of their choice.

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One can learn everything about the packages and the formalities one needs to complete in order to become a member and start exploring the dating opportunities available for them on the site.

With most other sugar dating websites, you typically fill up a personal profile, after which you may browse the available listings, or choose from a list of sugar babies that have been preselected for you according to your preferences.

At Millionaires Club123, you are instead assigned a “matchmaker”, who consults with you about your preferences in sugar babies.

Millionaire's Club offers several types of membership packages, such as Sapphire, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Irrespective of their sex or sexual preferences, millionaires can opt for any of the packages and can take advantage of the professional matchmaking to find the dating partner in their life.

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