New age dating ireland

Some thought it was the remains of a dog, others a badger.But, most curious of all was the claim of some witnesses that the remains were, in fact, those of an ape.

The wars that were fought, won, and lost impacted not just the country, but the whole world.It is surrounded by many other Neolithic earthworks and tombs and although commonly associated with the Celts, the site pre-dates their arrival in Ireland by thousands of years.In legend it is the place where the Tuatha De Danann reigned.What they found was that the ancient Irish were not only related to the people of southern Europe but that that there was a Middle Eastern connection too.With this new knowledge comes a tantalizing explanation for the ape skull in ancient Ireland and which connects to a previously unexplored etymological link to the One of the most important Egyptian gods was Thoth, later to be named Hermes by the Greeks.

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