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He placed the configuration back on the surface and, within moments, the blade began moving again.He walked the combination around his lab, and noticed that the blade remained still near the edges of the room, but the oscillations grew as he moved toward the center.But in the following days, Tandy and his two equally hard-nosed and skeptical lab mates noticed an odd, unsettled atmosphere associated with their workspace.Tandy described it as a “depressed” feeling, and complained of breaking out into cold sweats.The most violent movements occurred next to the workbench–right where he had previously thought he’d seen a gray, indistinct figure.A consummate engineer, Tandy concluded that there must be a standing wave of air in the room, causing the foil to move and, oddly enough, causing Tandy and his colleagues perceive a human presence.Visionary Argentine filmmaker Quirino Cristiani created full-length animated films between 19. Written by Marisa Brook • 34 minute read Preview • Listen • Read→ When the two trailblazers of animated film finally met in 1941, the one named Walt Disney was quickly becoming a legend.

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Vic Tandy found himself working for a medical device manufacturer in Warwick, in the county of Warwickshire, England.

She was unable to explain what exactly had happened, apart from an overwhelming sense of dread and the feeling that she was distinctly not alone.

Tandy chalked it up to her having worked the night shift isolated in a creaky old building.

Both were renowned in their day, but the American had become far better celebrated.

Disney had persisted through major challenges and found unalloyed success; Cristiani had also overcome a number of steep obstacles, but found mostly bad luck.

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