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It does not matter whether your respondent works with Microsoft Windows, Linux or Macintosh operating systems - only the old text e-mail clients do not support HTML. You and your respondent do not need access to the Internet, but only access to e-mail.This is important if you work with organizations that limit access to the Internet for security reasons.The information you enter in Account information will appear in your organization’s address book.You can edit your photo, general information, contact location, and contact numbers.Actual Contacts for Outlook also supports validation of the recipient list in Mail Merge Mode in Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Word (a mail merge function is prerequisite for version 2002 or later ones).

Fixed: an installation issue is resolved, for the computer users with limited permissions (i.e.

This add-in for Outlook is also able to check your address-book.

It takes it a few minutes to inform you about the contacts that contain invalid email addresses.

var microsoft = microsoft

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