Reboot hangs after updating symantec antivirus

- What's the last thing in the Event Log prior to the unexpected shutdown entry? Apparently there were some DLLS or some other shared files that SAVCE 10 modified.Hanlon's Razor: Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity. I have since uninstalled SAVCE 10 and reverted back to SAVCE 9.I upgraded to Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition version 10 on my Windows 2003 SBS server late last week.Well since then the server has rebooted on its own every morning at 7AM, as well as everytime our Backup tries to run.

It gets done with its preprocess fine, but the second it actualy tries to start the backup process, the server hangs and then reboots.None of our backup jobs were completing after the upgrade either. 2003 Server, Veritas 9.1, Installed and didn't had a slight problem with pushing it out to one of my other servers so I called tech support.I contacted Veritas and they had me install BE v9.1 Sp2. I did open a case with Symantec, but they were of no help, but that was over a week ago & I haven't gotten back to them yet. Tech support said .359 is bad news bears and 10.0.100 fixes everything.After that false start in October 2014, Microsoft tried again in March 2015, only to hit another snag: the abovementioned reboot loop.The reboot loop problem seems to be related to MS15-025, also known as KB3035131, which is a Security Bulletin that fixes an Elevation of Privilege hole in the Windows kernel itself.

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