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He concludes this is evidence that the city and its normal life "ceased utterly around 1400 BC". The date of the fall of Jericho was about 1400 BC." In other words, it is quite likely that, according to Garstang, these ramparts collapsed as a result of an earthquake shock just before the onset of Joshua and the Israelites.Garstang also found dozens of jars full of grain dating from the last Canaanite city of Jericho.

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Jericho archaeology of this time produced art of the Hyksos, and from the period when Egypt was over run.

Jericho archaeology produced names of Hyksos leaders on the seals of tombs.

The palace area of the city suggests that some of these individuals lived and died in Jericho during this time. "The whole system was destroyed in 1600 BC by a general conflagration, an event which seemed to coincide with the demolition of the cities ramparts, though the evidence as to the date of the latter case is not so complete as to warrant a definite conclusion....

The latest of these Kings was Amenhotep II,dating from 1413-1373 B. There was no evidence found of any burials after this date. "Four main epochs in its occupation are attested by that number of separate and successive periods of fortification... This period of occupation is to be assigned to the last centuries of the third millenium BC, say 2300-2000 BC and corresponds therefore with the first Semitic Dynasty of Babylon, the remote age of Hammurabi and Abraham ." Garstang goes on to state that about 2000 B. These fortifications comprised a stout wall 12-14 feet thick.

He also stated that Jericho, at this time, was only about 8 acres in size, a very modestly sized city. "About 1800 BC, a date depending ultimately on Egyptian chronology, the city of Jericho was re-fortified on a more ample scale.

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