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At that time he chose to join the Army, saying he forced Earl Morse to sign his military enlistment form by insisting he'd never pick up a baseball again.However, this timeline is again subject to some discrepancies.

In 1965, he was taken in by Ed and Eileen Foster around the same time as the Watts Riots.At some point in time he was taken in by Earl Morse, who believed that Harry, a southpaw, could be taught to pitch.It is unclear when he went to the Morses and how long he stayed with them. He was named after a 15th Century Dutch painter, and his first name rhymes with the word "anonymous" while his surname (as shown in a poetic letter written by a serial killer) rhymes with "gosh." He is registered as an independent voter, and his cellphone number is (323) 244-5631. Michael Haller, the half-brother of Mickey Haller, the ex-husband of Eleanor Wish, the uncle of Hayley Haller, and the father of Madeline Bosch.

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