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This is a critical part of behaviour modification, when we create an action plan for a student.When we try to help a child modify a specific behaviour, we often do so by creating a chart.I’ve heard my share of horror stories about Chosson/Kallah classes, not sure if they are the right people you want to get shtupping advice from.I personally did my research watching flicks, evnetually trial and error get you to perfect the method.Why, I asked myself, can’t I try to apply some of these strategies to myself, in my own Avodas Hashem?Every Ellul, it seems, there is anxiety and disappointment; we reflect on our attempts of self-improvement from the year before, only to feel that there has not been any progress.

I decided to look at some of the strategies that we give our students, and try them out myself.

To give a seemingly benign example- one that doesn’t even qualify as a sin- take the morning battle with the alarm clock.

Many people struggle with the dreaded snooze button, and end up coming late for davening.

I think the same thing can be said for the process of Teshuva.

We tend to look at Teshuva as an “all or nothing” proposition.

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