Sexual chat lines

They may be a professional or tradesperson such as a doctor, teacher, trainer, psychiatrist, police officer, clergy, group leader or public servant.A person’s physical strength, sex, sexual potency and sexual preference does not affect their ability to rape.Far from being caused by lack of control, many sexual assaults are pre-planned and involve considerable abuse of power and control.Rape in same sex relationships does occur, just as rape in straight relationships occurs.

Sexual assault is not always enacted through overwhelming physical force: it can involve emotional manipulation whereby a man can be coerced into sexual act out of fear of potential repercussions for his relationships, work, etc.There are a number of commonly accepted myths that can make it difficult for a man to publicly name an experience of sexual assault or rape.These myths minimise the seriousness of the crime and help persons perpetrating sexual violence to evade responsibility for their actions.It is within your rights to ‘NO’ at any time-even whilst in the middle of penetrative sex.This myth is supported by society’s tendency to question and blame the person who is assaulted, which in turn can invite self questioning and self blame.

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