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She could be mistaken about when she got pregnant, or the baby may just appear larger/smaller than most. 13, when the pictures we received clearly state 11/29.

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29, and her age at 22, when she would have been 23 on that date? Could the tech have put the wrong date in, and maybe then it calculated her at 22 with her birthdate info and the wrong date, or is that pretty much impossible because of the date being automatically calibrated? Not all of my ultrasounds have my personal information on them, but when it does, the ultrasound tech must insert all of it manually.

Either the tech messed up, or she is lying (wouldn't doubt it.) I would love to know how the date is determined on these pics. Also, beginning 7th month, she said they don't know for sure what it is. As for gender, I was 16 weeks when we found out and it's standard to now do a "level 2" ultrasound which is specifically for gender and anatomy measurements of the baby. All of mine, I've had 4 already, all say the date and time of the U/S and my name but no age anywhere.

Depending on where your scan is done (hospital, clinic, etc.), your partner might not be permitted to watch the entire scan (which usually doesn’t take too long if the baby is cooperating) but he’ll be called in toward the end to see baby.

Feel free to bring your partner, friend or parent to this special event—they’ll love being there to watch your babe’s first video with you.

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