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The name Bungalow is today commonly used in the western world to the popular style of suburban homes and to communicate more representative concept of house.The Bungalow is a significant symbol of status as the home is in a unique form in comparison to the much more common house building.If the house complies with registration guidelines of Guest Houses or Boutique Villas it will not be considered for registration in this category.A fully furnished accommodation unit with all essential facilities required for accommodation such as bedroom, bathroom, sitting area, kitchenette with food preparation facility with at least one unit rented to tourist(s) for a specified period of time (less than one (1) year) with/without service personnel.(Cottages/tree houses and similar units will be considered) Each house which is registered under any of the sub-categories of the Home Stay Programme will be classified as follows as per the facilities and services provided.In addition, this program will compliment the present investments flow to have more hotel rooms in the country to meet the increasing demand for accommodation at various tourist destinations in the island.The program also provides training and other facilities to those who operators to offer clean, comfortable and affordable accommodation while ensuring a memorable experience to the guests who would become promoters of this program in their own countries.A house ready to accommodate tourists with minimum guest services such as caretaker/cook/house-keeper with at least one guest room up to four guest rooms.(Houses with more than five rooms up to a maximum of nine (9) rooms will be considered only if it complies with the definition of the Home Stay concept.If the bungalow is more than 100 years old and with acceptable proof it will be categorized as “Heritage Bungalow” The word “Bungalow” derives from the word “Banglo” or “ Bangla” which is a direct translation in Bengali and commonly used in India.

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A.6 PARKING A proper parking arrangement (with adequate security) should be available.A renewal application with relevant documents and fee should be submitted to Sri Lanka Tourism, three months prior to the expiry of the licence for re-inspection/re-evaluation (The application can be downloaded from or can be obtained from the office of Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority. ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS It is essential to have the requirements mentioned from 1-6 below to be eligible to register as a Home Stay Unit/ Tourist Bungalow/Rented Tourist Home/ Rented Tourist Apartment in Sri Lanka.A.1 LOCATION The locality and environment should be suitable for the tourism purpose as per the definition of.A.4 COMPOUND/ GARDEN The compound/garden should be well laid out and maintained in a manner befitting a Home-Stay Unit/Tourist Bungalow/Rented Tourist home/ Rented Tourist Apartment.A.5 MAINTENANCE Maintenance of all areas of the house/ accommodation unit including the compound/garden furniture, equipment, fixtures, fittings, etc.

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