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As she recalls, “It was almost the end of the school day and I remember a few moms running into our classroom hysterically crying. Many of the students in my class were upset because they had older brothers or sisters in [main] the school building. When my mom returned home that evening, everything that she was wearing reeked of smoke.”Richard escaped without injury and today [2010] is a Chicago Police Officer.“While working in the Special Operations Sections, I would often return to the site of Our Lady of the Angels School.My sister Sharon has never really talked about the fire.” Today [2003] Sharon has two sons and a daughter, and one grandson. On the day of the fire, Linda's brother, Tom escaped from room 205 and ran to Mary hall to find his little sister, Linda.He then walked her to their home on Thomas/Kedsie, because their parents were at a funeral.Meanwhile, in our classroom, we heard the many sirens and as was the custom, stopped what we were doing to say a 'Hail Mary'.As my mother approached our building, she noticed the sky filling with black smoke and raced up to the classroom and in her broken English, tried to tell Sr. Sister did not understand what my mother was trying to tell her, but allowed me to leave early.That was a day that I and [my] family will never forget.

Michael is also an accomplished jazz flutist and has produced the only known music memorial dedicated to this fire and his fallen classmates entitled Angels of Fire on Southport Records.

I remember on the day of the fire being released [from school] when news of the fire spread.

I was walking northbound on Hamlin heading to my home (382 N. On the way, I saw my Mother running southbound on Hamlin. In the early part of the evening we located him at one of the houses near the school. When I was working in Special Operations, I would often drive by Kell's field on Chicago and Kedzie.

Sister of Thomas Schratzmeier.“[I] loved Sister Remi, she was very sweet and loved to teach.

She led us out of the building and kept us from being so frightened.

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