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“Ben, for one, isn’t giving up the possibility the two could meet, hit it off and go down the courting path,” People magazine reported.

Word is that someone was also threatened by his team for having images of another private cam clip where he was supposedly going down on another guy.

“Having a former quarterback in the family would be a great advantage to the occasional football game between teams in the Duggar clan, Ben says,” claimed People.“I’d definitely have him on my team. While the magazine made it seem as if Ben was merely teasing about Tebow courting his sister-in-law, rumors have swirled about a courtship between the two devout Christians in recent months.

In December, Star magazine reported that Michelle and Jim Bob had met Tebow’s mother, Pam, at a fundraiser near their home in Tontitown, Arkansas.

The trio did meet and pose for a photo, and the glossy published claims that Jim Bob was hopeful the athlete might court Jana.“Jim Bob is no dummy,” a source told Star.

“Tim would be a perfect addition to the family and a feather in his cap.

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