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In Chunar, my great grandmother Louise established an extensive library.

Some of the family was actively involved in the investigation and detective practice even while its patriarch Charles Richard was alive.

She and her daughters regularly sang on All India Radio too.

Not only does my grandmother Manorama bear an uncanny physical resemblance to her mother, but the musical, literary talent and zest for life have been passed on as well.

My grandfather had an equally interesting personal life albeit it would have caused him a lot of turmoil. His first wife Lilian Isabella died at the age of 29 of Cholera in 1899.

The second wife, Mary Keogh, probably died of Septicemia in 1901 at the age of 27 after child birth.

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The bunglow on the estate was based on Italian Mansion blueprints sent to him by the Nizam.

He had been engaged by the Nizam Mir Osam Ali to help foil a conspiracy to overthrow his reign, and is seen here examining some documents. Projit Mukharji and other experts deem ‘The founder of a dynasty of graphologists’.

Our great-grandfather, was born in 1866 in Calcutta (now Kolkata, West Bengal).

We still possess the first edition book entitled ‘Forgery in India, A Practical Treatise on the Detection of Forgery dealing with the languages of India’ (1920), a book that is still taught in Indian Law schools.

In 1938 they even set up the , at 19 – Hastings Road, Allahabad.

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