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It does not include Postcomm, which merged with Ofcom in 2011.

Here is a short history of each of the regulators that Ofcom replaced: The Radiocommunications Agency was an Executive Agency of the Department of the then Trade and Industry, and was responsible for most non-military radio spectrunm matters in the UK.

All the publications issued by these five bodies and their predecessors are available from [email protected] - please contact us by email if you cannot find a publication in the archives.

Below you will find our most recent EQIAs dating back to 2012.

The BSC’s remit was to consider broadcasting standards and fairness across all television and radio (the BBC and commercial broadcast services), as well as text, cable, satellite and digital services, and in particular the portrayal of violence, sexual conduct and matters of taste and decency.

Its duties were to draw up and keep under review a code of practice relating to standards and fairness; to consider and adjudicate on complaints; monitor programmes, commission research and report on violence, sex and bad language.

It raised the majority of its funds from a levy on telecommunications companies.

The BSC was formed from the Broadcasting Standards Council and the Broadcasting Complaints Commission, which merged on 1 April 1997, under the terms of the Broadcasting Act 1996.

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