Updating hp unix system steps

The operations are executed on the local host by submitting requests to the CIM Server.

# osinfo Operating System Information Host: test1 Name: HP-UX Version: B.11.31 User License: Unlimited user license Number of Users: 1 users Number of Processes: 469 processes OSCapability: 64 bit Last Boot Time: Mar 14, 2010 (-0500) Local Date Time: Mar 15, 2010 (-0500) System Up Time: 133991 seconds = 1 day, 13 hrs, 13 mins, 11 secs The SFM software is a collection of tools used to monitor the health of HP servers running HP-UX. Access using last command /var/adm/btmps ## all the bad login info.To start the daemon, run the following commands: # /usr/sbin/pfs_mountd & # /usr/sbin/pfsd & 04.Insert the CDROM and mount using pfs_mount command # pfs_mount -o xlat=unix /dev/dsk/c0t0d0 /cdrom # pfs_umount /cdrom Create a directory for the volume group # mkdir /dev/vggis Create device file named "group" # mknod /dev/vggis/group c 64 0x010000 Create a physical volume using pvcreate with the -B option.All communication between the client and providers passes through it.The server components is based on CIM and, therefore, referred as CIM Server.

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