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for freethe view is amazing and so romantic even though the image could be clearer. As I type this somebody somewhere in the piazza is play a trumped. Rome’s Piazza Navona is one of the capital’s liveliest plazas located in the city’s very heart.

Technical Support To report technical problems with the Marsh Plaza web cam, please email [email protected] call 617-353-5261.

For technical problems with any other web cam, please contact the Boston University IT Help Center.

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Before the crowded Navona Square came to be, the impressive Domitian Stadium (or Circus Agonalis) stood in its place, a long concave oval-shaped arena built in 85 AD by Emperor Domitian to host competitive, non violent, sporting events and to ultimately encourage traditional Greek athletics.

The stadium retraced in form the current square, it seated 30,000 people, presented a length of 275 meters and a width of 106 meters.

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