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Many of the remainder were in nearby Gloucestershire and Somerset, which together accounted for another 11 percent. At his marriage in 1780, a carpenter; Elizabeth SERCOMBE (presumably his mother) was a witness.

Thirty years earlier, in 1851, of the fewer than 300 Sercombes in Devon, almost all were in the city of Exeter (about 24 percent) or the nearby rural parishes to its south and west, particularly Dunsford (26 percent). At his remarriage in 1807, of Dunsford; Ann was of Bridford; the marriage witnesses were John EASTON and George BAILEY.

Similarly, the frequent absence of the final B in records going back to at least the 1600s demonstrates that this letter was already silent by that time, despite its survival into the standard spelling today.

There are several early examples of families who were sometimes called Sercombe and sometimes Southcombe.

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You may find the same person's name written as Sercombe, Sircomb, Surcum, Syrcombe, or even occasionally Sharcombe or Circum.

The generation before that lived in Hennock, adjacent to Bovey Tracey, and the one before that came from Dunsford. In 1851, living at Skidda, Ashton, with her husband and their children.

Spelling, even of surnames, was not standardized until at least the 19th century.

I also suggest using the search feature of your browser (usually control-F) to look for your own Sercombe ancestors by name, place, occupation, and so on. In 1841, a carpenter, living at Sercombes Cot, Dunsford, with his wife Elizabeth, their children Samuel, John, and Ann, and journeyman carpenter John GIBBINS (b. In 1861, a retired carpenter, living at Sercombes Cottage, Dunsford, with his wife Elizabeth.

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